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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Violations /Criminal Division

Q: How much is my Traffic Citation?
A: Your Traffic Citation will range from $160.00 to $210.00 with the exception of seat belt violations.
Seat Belt violations are Driver - $105.00; Passenger - $95.00. See Waiver Schedule

Q: How much is my Open Container, Marijuana Charge, or Disorderly Conduct?
A: These Minor Misdemeanor Criminal Charges are $205.00 and include Sections 4301.62, 2925.11, 2917.11, 529.07 and 509.03(A). See Waiver Schedule

Q: Do I have to appear in court?
A: Yes, if the Court Appearance box is checked or this is your third moving violation in the past twelve (12) months.

Q: Can I call to request time to pay my fine?
A: No, you must appear in court on the court date and ask the Magistrate for time to pay.

Q: I forgot to pay my citation on time. Can I mail it on the court date?
A: No, you must appear in court.

Q: I forgot to show my insurance card to the officer and he/she told me if I bring it in, I can just pay my fine. Is this correct?
A: No, once a ticket is marked 'Court Appearance Required,' you must appear. If you did not show proof of insurance to the officer, please bring it to court.

Q: Will my fine be different if I come to court? How do I know how much money to bring?
A: The Magistrate determines the fine amount in court and there is no way of knowing what you will pay prior to your court appearance. The Magistrate reviews the records and listens to your comments and bases his/her decision on all the information given. If you do not have money on the day of your appearance, the court will allow you an additional 30 days to pay your fine.

Q: I did not have insurance on the day I received my citation. Will my license be suspended? For how long?
A: Yes, your license will be suspended for 90 days.

Q: Can I get driving privileges while my license is suspended?
A: Yes. The Court requires the following:
1. Proof of paid reinstatement fee with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
2. Proof of valid insurance, you will then need to apply with the Court for driving privleges.

Civil Division

Q: Do I have good service on my complaint?
A: Reference the Civil Docket Inquiry or contact the Civil Division. A successful service or Proof of Service by ordinary mail docket code without Summons Ordinary mail returned Docket code indicates good service.

Q: How much does it cost to file a complaint?
A: $130.00 (Complaints up to $15,000)

Q: Did I receive any money on my last attachment?
A: Reference Civil Docket Inquiry and reference the Answer of Garnishee Filed Docket Code.

Q: I was unable to come to eviction court Monday, am I evicted? What can I do? How do I file an objection?
A: Yes, you are evicted if your landlord appeared and you didn't; however, you have three days to file an objection. You need to complete an objection form explaining why you were unable to appear and ask to have the case heard again. It's a 3-part form, the Court keeps the original time-stamped copy, you keep a copy and you mail the other copy to the landlord.

Q: What is the Status of this Case?
A: Reference Civil Docket inquiries or use the public terminals at the Canton Municipal Court.

Q: Can I speak to Phil Giavasis?
A: It is best to call the appropriate Civil (489-3205), Traffic Violations (489-3184) or Criminal Division (489-3207). If you still have an unanswered question, the clerk will refer you to Phil Giavasis.

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